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International Student Exchange Programs

Swahili Society Centre  facilitates international student exchange programs for Canadian students and students from Swahili speaking Africa. Students exchange programs allow students to open themselves to a world of opportunities, cultural experiences and learning both in Canada and the Swahili speaking world.

Our student exchange programs are the best way to help Canadian students become proficient at speaking Swahili because they will spend enough time in Swahili speaking Africa learning Swahili language and culture. Our programs enable students from Swahili speaking Africa learning learn and experience Canadian culture and way of life; hence making both Canadian and Swahili speaking students gain an entirely new perspective on what it means to be a citizen of the world.

Goals of Swahili Society Centre International Student  Exchange Programs

  • Promote exchange programs between Canadian universities and institutions of higher learning in Swahili speaking Africa
  • Promote Canadian universities in Swahili speaking countries with the aim of bringing in more international students to Canada
  • Guide and support Canadian university students and other civilians who intend to go on volunteers mission to Swahili speaking nations
  • Organise annual education fairs about Canadian universities in Swahili speaking nations.
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