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Swahili Food Program

Data from 2016 shows that there are 1.2 million Black people living in the GTA, most of this population comes from Africa and these are from Swahili speaking African countries such as; Burundi, Rwanda, DRC Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan. The vast majority of
the African population lives in large urban areas, Toronto to be specific.

A number of this African population includes; Single mothers, youth around the age of 14-18, Old aged and the unemployed adults who have migrated into Canada as a result of instability in their home countries. Most of these people do not have access to food (healthy food) that sustains them on a daily basis.

The Swahili Society Centre Food program provides hope for the African community in need by partnering with Walmart to provide food for shelters and distribute food packages directly to households in need during this pandemic period so as these needy families and individuals can survive comfortably in our community.

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