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About Swahili Society Centre

Swahili Society Centre was founded in 2019 and it is now the largest African community in  the GTA. Swahili Society Centre intends to break diversity barriers, build a credible and trusted platform for Swahili speaking people and their friends to celebrate Swahili culture and its authenticity


Bringing Swahili speakers and friends together in Ontario and all around Canada. Swahili Society Centre intends to break diversity barriers, build a credible and trusted platform for Swahili speaking people and friends to celebrate their culture and its authenticity. Networking and staying connected to encourage and enhance professional and business relationships in order to stay open-minded and unlock opportunities to promote Swahili culture and speakers to come forward and enhance productive relationships


Create public awareness of Swahili culture and bring the Swahili speakers together ,bridging the gap between Swahili speakers and the government and its entries to become more economically and socially active.


  • Create public awareness, understanding and celebration of Swahili culture
  • Address social, cultural and economic issues impacting Swahili society through roundtable discussion with the stake holders
  • Bridge government programs ,systems and policies with Swahili society through Swahili society centre
  • Take into account government programs ,systems, and policies and create state of the art inclusion programs that will benefit both parties (Swahili speakers and the government).
  • Start a Swahili Society Festival ,that will bring tourists in Toronto ,as visitors and exhibitors  who will create programs for longer stay and spending; the festival will showcase diversity of the culture through arts and crafts, literature, music, and entertainment. This festival will be a great cultural experience for visitors and economic driving force for the government.
  • Initiate free and paid Swahili classes that will benefit children, volunteers to Swahili speaking Africa.
  • Promote Tourism and hospitality to East Africa, in a way that Swahili Society Centre becomes a one stop centre for trustworthy information about safaris to Swahili speaking Africa.
  • Organise a Swahili food and spices week that will attract stake holders in this area and promote Swahili culture and business in that direction.
  • Introduce Toronto Swahili Film and Entertainment Festival in partnership with Zanzibar International Film Festival.
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