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Andrew Sabaya

Andrew Christopher Sabaya, a holder of a Master’s degree in Organizational Management, brings to the organization and its projects enviable experiences in strategic planning and business development logistics and marketing as well as negotiation and budget management, team building and leadership skills.

Andrew holds an MBA in Organizational Management from Cambridge International College and an Associate Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing from Waldorf College. He is a member of the Institute of Marketing UK (MIM) and for over the years, has captured 107 profitable contracts for the firm he worked for, been awarded the Japanese Tobacco International Award on Innovation – 2008, received the Certificate of Merit from Youth Agribusiness Empowerment. The project stands to be in safe hands under the able management leadership of Andrew Sabaya.

Hazla Shaaban
Program Manager

Holds BSc in Meteorology, PGd in International Relations, and MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Proficient at conducting and leading various scientific research activities. Skilled in handling various presentation styles.Committee member of the United Nations Canada Toronto Branch (UNACTO) environmental section. Excellent in report writing; worked with the World Meteorological Organization( WMO) under the United Nations on research activities, reports, writing proposals, and rapporteur of different big meetings nationally, regionally, and internationally. Proficient in preparing and leading meeting training, writing speeches to different leaders and government officials like Presidents, Ministers, Members of Parliament, etc


Strong social media skills: using different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and youtube. Skilled in handling different presentation styles such as television weather broadcasting. An experienced weather forecaster in observing, recording, analyzing and distributing weather information. Skilled in reading different satellite images, radar, and remote sensors to predict short, seasonal, and long term weather forecasting. Excellent mathematical skills using models to analyze short and long-range weather predictions and climate change. interpretation of weather models after running the scripts to the numerical weather prediction (NWP). Data assimilation and weather and climate verification after comparing the outcome and the forecast. Severe weather forecasting and presentation to different East Africa regions and the United Kingdom. Excellent leadership skills; she has acted in different managerial positions and has also worked as a director general’s advisor. Competent to work on different computer platforms that include UNIX, LINUX, MS-DOS, Window and associated window software, etc. Competent in handling various Microsoft packages like Ms Access, Ms Excel, and other Ms office software packages

Hazla was also the secretary of the workers’ council of the Tanzania Meteorological Agency ( TMA) for two consecutive terms from 2014.

Kelvin Henry
Coordinator, Study in Canada Project

An independent contractor with a bachelor of commerce, having specialized in finance. Kelvin is a multi-talented individual with top-notch organization, graphic design, translation, Management, and Communication skills who has had his fair share of experience working with TEDx in organizing their events, Sabaya Tours and TAGET 2050. With his counterpart, Kelvin will see through the smooth running of The International Students Exchange Program for the Swahili Society Center.

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